“My biggest goal at Olana is to grow farmers.” – Tim O’Connor

Our interns, volunteers, and WWOOFers perform much of the day-to-day work on the farm. Individuals and couples of all ages, from all walks of life, and from all over the world have found their way to Olana Farm to work-trade for a few months to a few years. Each have come seeking something a bit different from their experience, but what they have in common is a desire to grow a community around good healthy food.

At Olana Farm we offer a limited number of Resident Internships for folks looking to live on the farm and experience the day to day activities full of rich learning opportunities.

Additionally we offer Non-Resident Internships where folks exchange their help on the farm for fresh food and the satisfaction of connecting with the earth, the source of our wonderful produce.

Resident Internships at Olana Farm

We are regularly seeking individuals or couples interested in long–term, in–depth internships in tropical gardening and small scale farming.

Our intention is to provide a rich educational experience — from seeding, planting, weeding, and propagation to composting, bed preparation, farm maintenance, and farm product marketing.

There is ample opportunity to learn practical methods of healing the earth and sustainable agriculture in a tropical environment. We are looking for positive and enthusiastic individuals to assist with the stewardship of our land and the marketing of our products. Four to six volunteers are needed on a year-round basis since it is warm and growing activity is continuous. We have a two week mutual trial period where we can each check out the arrangement and see if it is a good match. If so, we will discuss what type of commitment we can each agree upon.

In exchange for 20+ hours of hard work per week, volunteers have access to a rustic cabin or Bungalow (accommodations depend on availability), outdoor shower, indoor toilet, cooking facilities, fresh food from the farm, and high-speed wireless internet access. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate children or pets. We ask that you refrain from using tobacco products while working/living on the farm.

If you are interested in being a part of this growing community, please contact Tim O’Connor at olanafarm@gmail.com well in advance of your visit.

Please understand that we receive quite a few applications so we may be slow to respond during busy times. We prefer longer-term commitments (3-9 months) with the right individuals.

Olana Volunteers Say:
“Four months of cozy evenings blessed with star amazement. We took full advantage of your library containing the star gazing chart, medicinal herb books, and soil science text. Cooking is now a passion, and ginger a must! We feel healthier and wiser and have both been able to feed our minds and our bellies. We thank you for providing a safe and gorgeous place to do that.”
~Bailey & Joshua
Non–Resident Interships at Olana Farm

We regularly welcome individuals or groups interested in experiencing our farm first hand by volunteering a few hours work, not residing on the farm, in exchange for fresh fruit and veggies.

There is ample opportunity to experience practical methods of healing the earth and sustainable agriculture in a tropical environment. Regular tasks include planting, weeding, harvesting and much more.

If you are interested in a non-resident internship, please contact Tim O’Connor at olanafarm@gmail.com so we can schedule the best time to come by and help.

Olana Volunteers Say:
“I’m so appreciative of my experience at Olana. I arrived wanting to heal from a difficult year and immerse myself in the elements – water, earth, sun, fresh air, etc. I connected to the red Kauai soil immediately and enjoyed being in it barefoot as I worked. The ocean everyday was divine and the farm to table eating nourished me deliciously.”